Regulatory Affairs

CMA Regulatory Affairs Office
Kenneth E. Hardman
Attorney At Law
5151 Wisconsin Ave, NW, Ste 312
Washington, DC 20016-4139

One of the greatest benefits the Critical Messaging Association provides to its members is that its counsel monitors FCC activities and keeps members informed of FCC decisions and actions that affect the critical messaging industry. CMA also participates as necessary in FCC rulemaking proceedings to protect and promote the interests of the industry as they may appear; and it interfaces on behalf of the industry with other participants in the telecommunications, information services and wireless messaging industries. CMA’s major regulatory accomplishments include the following:

  • The association flagged the FCC rule change and led the successful fight to reinstate the exemption of Part 90 paging channels from 12.5 kHz "narrowbanding"
  • The association successfully worked with the FCC to hold the line on annual FCC regulatory fees at 2002 levels
  • The association interceded with Verizon, Qwest and Alltel to maintain "reverse billing" and similar wide area calling services for critical messaging carriers after they were eliminated for cellular and PCS carriers
  • The association is seeking reconsideration by the FCC of its rule change permitting telephone companies to force critical messaging carriers into compulsory arbitration of interconnection disputes at the state regulatory commissions

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