About Critical Messaging Association

The Critical Messaging Association (CMA) is the industry association dedicated to the wireless delivery of time-sensitive, critical messages. Historically comprised of primarily paging carriers, today our members consist of network carriers, private paging system operators, related businesses, and individuals that use reliable, point-to-multi-point simulcast technology and integrated messaging solutions to deliver critical and non-critical communications. Our mission is to advance the industry to ensure world-wide growth by:

  • Providing a forum for industry participants to exchange ideas, technology, and explore new business opportunities;
  • Advocating for favorable legal and regulatory policies;
  • Developing, promoting, and administering technology-related standards; and
  • Creating a unified global voice for the critical messaging industry.

CMA welcomes anyone involved in the paging and critical messaging industry to join.

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CMA Headquarters
Critical Messaging Association
441 N. Crestwood Drive
Wilmington, NC 28405

CMA Regulatory Affairs Office
5151 Wisconsin Ave, NW, Ste 312
Washington, DC 20016-4139