Welcome to Critical Messaging Association

The Critical Messaging Association is the national association dedicated to representing and advancing the critical messaging industry. Formerly primarily comprised of paging carriers, today the association welcomes private paging systm operators, network carriers,  related businesses, and individuals that use reliable, point-to-multi-point simulcast technology and integrated messaging solutions to deliver critical and non-critical communications. 

In a crisis situation, having a reliable and efficient communications system for emergency responders and hospital personnel is often a matter of life and death. Paging and critical messaging networks utilize a proven point to multi-point protocol via simulcast technology to reinforce reliability.  In addition, greater broadcast power, longer battery life, and simplicity are imperative for critical communications. Period.

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Thanks to everyone who attended the 2017 CMA Summit at the Poco Diablo Resort in beautiful Sedona, Arizona.  In addition to excellent opportunities to network, the Summit provided affirmation that innovation within the industry is happening world-wide. From new products to new services such as satellite paging and digital alerting, the critical messaging industry continues to utilize its rich history to provide the most reliable critical messaging platforms.